Bradley Cooper Speaks French When He’s Drunk

Bradley Cooper Speaks French When He's Drunk

Parlez vous Francais, Bradley Cooper?

We’ve learned that Bradley has forgone alcoholic beverages, but that has meant that he can’t speak French. He has given up booze in a change for a more healthier lifestyle, but says that he doesn’t miss it one bit.

He revealed in a new interview, “My French used to come out better when I’d had a drink, but I don’t drink anymore. My French has been getting better as I’ve got older – I think as you become more relaxed with who you are, the more dexterous you can be. I used to be scared about making some grammatical error, but who cares if you get the imperfect tense wrong if you’re communicating? Now, it’s like, ‘F**k it.’ You can always mime.”

He added, “My friends say I may have a filter verbally, but you can always tell my emotional state by looking at my face. Zach Galifianakis always says that, for an actor, I have the worst poker face in the world. In my real life, I’m the worst actor in the world.”

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