Breaking Bad: Granite State In Photos & What’s To Come?

Breaking Bad: Granite State In Photos & What's To Come?

Granite State left Breaking Bad fans with some questions and some obvious loose ends that needed to be tied up. The series is drawing to a close with the finale episode titled Felina slated to air on September 29, 2013. Vince Gilligan has noted that “Felina” is just an anagram for “finale”, but things aren’t always what they seem in the world of Walter White/Heisenberg.

Walter and Saul were with the vacuum repair guy in order to get a new identity for themselves. Saul was shipped off to Nebraska and Walt sent to New Hampshire with his barrel of money. He was undergoing homemade chemotherapy and had to pay Mr. Vacuum Repair $10,000 to stay with him for another hour.

Breaking Bad: Granite State In Photos & What's To Come?

Jesse Pinkman is back to making Heisenberg grade meth and gets a reward of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from Todd for making a batch of 96 percent blue meth. Todd wants to impress Lydia, so he has decided to keep Jesse around. Despite that, Jesse is locked up in a grated area by night. He tries to escape his prison, only to be caught and forced to watch Todd shoot Andrea in the head right on her front porch. [Brilliant acting by Aaron Paul in this scene, by the way.]

Breaking Bad: Granite State In Photos & What's To Come?

Todd is so desperate to keep Lydia’s interest in his meth dealing because he really just wants to be with her. Will their meeting cause Todd to up the ante with regard to his threat against Skyler? Will he go even further to make sure Skyler won’t speak about the day she came to the car wash? Todd seemed convinced, but Lydia — not so much.

Breaking Bad: Granite State In Photos & What's To Come?

Walter made a call to his son Flynn to try to get the family some money, but he was brutally rebuffed. This caused Walt to call the DEA and put some extra quarters in the phone (for a trace?) and sit there and await his own arrest. When the bartender switched channels, Walt noticed that Elliott and Gretchen are trying to distance themselves and their company, Grey Matter Technologies, away from him. One says, “There are reports that his signature blue meth is still around and has even hit Europe.”

Basically, at this point, Walt knows that Jesse is still around making the blue meth and that Lydia is pulling the strings. He’s miffed that Gretchen and Elliott have disavowed themselves of him and he likely wants them all dead: the Aryans, Jesse, Gretchen and Elliott.

What’s to come? We are of the mind that Walt is going to end up killing the Aryans, thus freeing Jesse. Then, they will go head-to-head with one another. Lydia will get some Ricin in her tea and perhaps Walt will have saved some for Gretchen and Elliott.

Watch the season finale promo for Breaking Bad below:

Leave your thoughts in the comments as to what you think is going to happen on next week’s series finale.

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