Breaking Bad Recap: Granite State

Breaking Bad Recap: Granite State

Breaking Bad continued Sunday night with its penultimate episode titled Granite State. If you’ve missed Ozymandias, peruse our detailed recap here.

Todd has apparently looted Hank and Marie’s place for any evidence linking he and his uncle to anything meth related. They’ve found Jesse’s confession video and uncle Jack looks to kill Jesse for being a rat. Todd has other plans for Jesse as a meth cook because he makes Heisenberg grade blue meth. Jesse attempts an escape, only to be punished with Andrea’s murder right in front of him.

Todd has plans for Jesse because of the quality of his meth and his want for Lydia. He wants to impress her, so he has to keep Jesse around. Also, Todd scares the life out of Skyler by showing up in Holly’s bedroom. He doesn’t want anyone finding out about Lydia. Is that enough for Lydia? It doesn’t sound like it to us. She wants more closure than that, despite gaining her entire business from Walt. Perhaps Walt should’ve killed her when he had the chance?

Walter has been moved by the vacuum repair guy to New Hampshire to live while the case is being tried against Skyler. The guy tells Walt not to leave or else he won’t be returning. Walt wants some assurance that after he’s dead his money will go to his family, but doesn’t get it.

Walt walks to the bar nearby and reaches out to Flynn at school in order to try to give them money, but Flynn goes nuts and tells Walt to just die already. Walt then calls up the DEA and tells them who he is. When the sheriffs arrive, he is already gone.

Is Walt going to be able to find another spot to hide? Or will he finally just go and face the music? Surely, he wouldn’t want to let Skyler take the fall for everything that he has done with his criminal empire.

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