Breaking Bad Recap: Ozymandias

Breaking Bad Recap: Ozymandias

So much happened on Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad that we don’t even know where to start. If you haven’t gotten caught up with last week’s episode, get caught up with our recap of the episode here. That was most certainly an action-packed episode, of which ended in a blaze of gunfire.

Warning: This post contains obvious spoilers from Breaking Bad’s episode titled Ozymandias. If you have yet to watch the show, then please return when you have.

The episode, titled Ozymandias, kicked off with a flashback of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White’s first cook together. Walt was just learning how to lie about his whereabouts to a pregnant Skyler while they are discussing what to name their baby.

Then, it’s back to reality and the aftermath of the shooting firestorm at To’hajilee. Uncle Jack, Todd and the Aryans have gunned down Agent Gomez and have left Hank unable to walk. Walt pleads for Hank’s life with the promise of $80 million, but Hank delivers his best line, telling Walt, “You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see he made up his mind ten minutes ago.” To Jack, he said, “Do what you’re gonna do.”

With that, Jack shoots Hank and Walt is left laying next to his lifeless body. Jack is guessing that there is money buried in barrels at the coordinates Walt gives him and goes to dig everything up. Todd uncuffs Walt and Jack asks him if they are square. They shake hands and Jack leaves Walt with a barrel of money. Before leaving, Walt reminds Jack that they still owe him Jesse’s death. Jack informs Walt that when he finds Jesse, he’ll kill him. Jesse has been hiding underneath Walt’s car the entire time.

Todd convinces Jack that he can squeeze some information out of Jesse “back home”. Before they take Jesse away, Walt tells him that he watched Jane die. Back in the show’s second season, in the episode titled Phoenix, Walt rolled Jane on her back while Jesse and she did heroin and she ended up asphyxiating on her own vomit. He had to rub that in with Jesse to break him once and for all. Todd later unlocks Jesse after beating his face in and hooks him up to a chain in a room with a meth lab. It’s there that Todd tells Jesse “let’s cook”.

Marie goes to Skyler at the car wash to tell her that Hank has arrested Walt and that it’s all over and done with. Marie tells Skyler to tell Flynn about what’s going on or she will. They inform him that his father is a drug dealer and that Hank has arrested him.

Skyler takes Holly and Flynn home only to find a pickup truck in the driveway. It’s Walt — and he’s in a hurry to get everyone packed up to leave town immediately. Skyler takes a stand with a knife and tells Walt to get out of their house. They wrestle to the ground after she cuts him and Flynn jumps on his father’s back to get him off of Skyler. Flynn gets his cell phone out and calls the police. Walt leaves with Holly while Skyler is chasing him down the street.

When the police arrive, an amber alert is put out for Holly. Meanwhile, Walt is taking care of her diaper change when he tries to get her to say “dadda”. Instead, Holly says “mama” and Walt realizes that Holly can’t live without her mother. He calls Skyler, knowing that the cops are listening in, and he switches into Heisenberg mode. He tells her, “You were never grateful for anything I did for this family,” that “You have no right to discuss anything about what I do. What the hell do you know about it anyway? Nothing. I built this. Me alone. Nobody else.”

In essence, he’s really taking any of the blame for his current situation off of Skyler and placing it all on himself. After a few minutes, she realizes this and says “thank you”. In this scene, he takes full responsibility for everything that has transpired. It’s then that he tears up and leaves Holly in a fire truck and turns the lights on.

We see Walt getting into the van of no return. He must’ve called Saul to have a new identity arranged for himself and his barrel of money.

What will happen next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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