Breaking Bad Recap: To’hajiilee

Breaking Bad Recap: To'hajilee

On Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad, we learn that the show went back to where it all began. To’hajilee is the Indian reservation where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman began cooking their first batch of meth together. That is, in fact, where Walt hid his barrels of money and we learned that due to some epic trickery on the parts of Jesse and Hank Shrader.

The show kicks off with Walt putting a hit on Jesse with Todd’s uncle Jack and their crew. In return, Jack wants Walt to teach Todd how to make the blue meth for Lydia’s Slavic interests. Walt agrees when Jack says that he won’t skimp on family (ie: Jesse).

Prior to all of this, Walt tried to flush Jesse out using Brock and Andrea. The call is intercepted by Hank who sees the attempt. Hank stages Jesse’s death to get Huell to talk about Walt burying his money. Huell tells Hank and Agent Gomez about the van that Walt rented and the shovel. Hank puts two and two together to surmise that Walt buried his money. Jesse texts a photo of a buried barrel uncovered and makes Walt think that he has located all of his millions and is going to burn it.

During that phone call, Jesse warns Walt not to hang up or he’ll burn $10,000 of his money every minute. In that time, Walt confesses to killing Gus and knocking off some gangbangers. Walt rushes to To’hajilee where the money is buried, but finds that Jesse isn’t there. He hangs up to call Jack and tells him that Jesse is on his way to the coordinates and to come do the hit. Just then, Hank, Jesse and Agent Gomez all arrive at the scene and Walt tells Jack to forget it. He didn’t know that Jesse was working with his brother-in-law.

Walt has been stuffed into the back of Hank’s SUV when Hank and Agent Gomez confront Jack and his crew. It turns out to be an epic battle of which we won’t know who walked away until next week.

In the meantime, tell us in the comments what your thoughts are on this episode of the show? Did you expect Hank to get killed? What do you think will happen next week?

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