Breaking Bad Season 5 Premieres Tonight 7/15/12 SPOILERS!

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premieres Tonight 7/15/12

“Breaking Bad” makes its fifth season premiere tonight on AMC. Are you excited for the return of the king? Earsucker has already shown you the official season five poster, along with the promo video, featuring Walter White AKA Heisenberg. To say that we’re pumped for the show to return tonight would be an understatement.

To refresh “Breaking Bad” fans on the show, here’s a brief rundown of what’s going on. When we left the show, Walt enlisted the help of Hector and his bell to take out Gus Fring. Walt visited Hector to fake out a visit to the DEA so that he would get a visit from Gus. Gus took the bait and ended up making a visit to the nursing home and Hector rang his bell a few times and BLAM! The entire room was blown up. Gus emerged from the room, adjusted his tie and fell over dead.

Series creator and Executive Producer Vince Gilligan gave fans a little tidbit on what to expect with tonight’s season premiere. He said that in the premiere episode, things are going well for Walter until he realizes that he has left a loose end untied and that’s going to give him grief. Who’s the loose end? Saul Goodman?

Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, said of the show’s final season, “This season is just terrifying.” He went on to say, “And it’s all really coming from Walter White. He is a scary, scary, scary man. You know last season, ‘I am the one who knocks’? That is who he is. He’s frightening and manipulative. He’s such a puppet master. And he has us all on his little strings, and he’s just toying with us.”

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Mike the Cleaner will be joining forces with Walt and Jesse — because he’s a family man who needs money.
Walt and Jesse also hire a guy named Todd to aid in their business venture. Aaron Paul commented to the writers, “I swear to God, if you even have a wink of an idea that Todd takes Jesse out, I will be so pissed.”

Us too, Aaron, us too. Stay tuned for our recap of the show tonight!

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