Breaking Bad Season 5 Recap – Series Finale Day!

Breaking Bad Season 5 Recap - Series Finale Day!

To celebrate the series finale of Breaking Bad, we’ve put together a brief synopsis of everything that happened in the fifth season of the show. This way if you’re not caught up on what’s going down, then you can get your Breaking Bad fix right here.

Episode 1 – Live Free Or Die

In a flash-forward, a ragged bearded Walt has breakfast at a Denny’s restaurant in Albuquerque, on his 52nd birthday (a little over a year into the future). In the present, news of the three deaths at the senior center Casa Tranquila spreads as Walt heads over to see his family. Walt destroys evidence of his and Jesse’s activities in the superlab stored on Gus Fring’s laptop.

Episode 2 – Madrigal

A German businessman commits suicide to evade questioning about his ties to Gus Fring. The DEA filters through various leads in hopes of finding something. In order to rebuild their lives and form a new profitable drug business, Walt and Jesse decide to look to Mike the fixer as a new partner. A Madrigal executive named Lydia Rodarte-Quayle becomes Mike’s methylamine supplier.

Episode 3 – Hazard Pay

Walter moves back into the house, but Skyler hates it. Walter, Mike, and Jesse meet with Saul to discuss finding a new place to “cook.” They use a pest control business as a cover, using tented over houses to cook their product. When it comes time to divide the profits, Walter is upset about the amount of money going to Mike’s former men, whose assets were seized when they were arrested. Walter hints to Jesse that he may consider an attempt to remedy this situation.

Episode 4 – Fifty-One

Lydia offers up her own employee to the DEA and Mike offers her a replacement — Jesse. Together, she and Jesse spot a tracking device on a barrel of methylamine. Mike believes she placed the device herself. Since Walt admits cooking again to Skyler, they discuss the safety of the children.

Episode 5 – Dead Freight

Mike and Lydia work to get the methylamine delivered for the operation. Walt and Jesse try to work through several ideas to keep undercover.

Episode 6 – Buyout

Walter, Jesse, Mike, and their associate deal with the aftermath of the methylamine train heist. Mike is experiencing increased pressure because he is under constant DEA surveillance. Mike strikes a buyout deal, which Jesse phones Walter to discuss. Walter invites Jesse to his home to talk, and confides in Jesse his regret about selling out of Gray Matter for $5,000 and his plans to build another empire. When Skyler arrives, Walter insists Jesse dine with them. At dinner, Skyler reveals she knows that Walter told Marie about her affair with Ted Beneke. Talking after dinner, Walter tells Jesse that Skyler sent their children to live elsewhere and is waiting for his “cancer to come back”, and that he intends to continue cooking meth at all costs, because “the business” is all he has left.

Episode 7 – Say My Name

Walter, Jesse and Mike meet with Declan, so that Walter can negotiate a deal to cook with Jesse and pay off Mike. At that time, Jesse decides to quit. Told to end his pursuit of Mike, Hank instead follows the lawyer, Dan Wachsberger, who is laundering Mike’s money. Dan gives in to the DEA, but Walter finds out and warns Mike. When they meet, Walter demands that Mike tell him the names of the nine people in prison whose silence he has been paying for. Mike refuses to give them up, so Walter shoots him.

Episode 8 – Gliding Over All

Walter meets with Lydia to obtain the names of Mike’s associates. Lydia partners with him to expand his distribution overseas to the Czech Republic. Walter takes the names to Todd’s uncle, who has ties with Aryan Brotherhood gangs operating in the prisons. The nine prisoners and Mike’s lawyer, including at least one ready to flip for Hank, are killed. Skyler makes another effort to convince Walter to give up meth production, and Walter ultimately relents. Walter pays back Jesse his cut of the planned methylamine sale, and ceases the production and distribution of his methamphetamine. The Whites’ children move back in, and the family seems to be back in order. During a lunch by the pool, Hank skims through Walter’s copy of Leaves of Grass in the bathroom, and realizes that Walter is Heisenberg.

Episode 9 – Blood Money

In a flashforward, Walter arrives at his dilapidated and fenced off abandoned house to grab the vial of ricin. In the present, Hank requests all files of the Fring case and matches the handwriting in Walter’s copy of Leaves of Grass with that of Gale. Meanwhile, Jesse throws his money away in a residential neighborhood. Walt’s cancer returns and after a chemo treatment, he finds his copy of Leaves of Grass missing. Walt immediately searches for and finds a GPS tracker on his car. Walt confronts Hank, and Hank reveals that he knows Walter is Heisenberg.

Episode 10 – Buried

Hank gets to Skyler before Walt does and Hank tries to pressure her for a statement. Walt takes his money to Tohajiilee and buries it. Lydia tries to convince Declan to use Todd as his cook, but he refuses. So, uncle Jack’s gang wipes out all of Declan’s men and they scoop up the equipment. Hank was unable to get anything from Sklyer or Walt, so he goes back to his office, only to learn that Jesse is being questioned.

Episode 11 – Confessions

Jesse refuses to make a deal with Hank. At a dinner meeting, Walt, Skyler, Hank and Marie try to negotiate. Walt’s attempts fail, so he leaves them with a DVD confession. It’s a confession to Hank’s association and guilt with regard to the meth business. Walt offers up some money for Jesse to leave town and start over with a new identity. Jesse agrees until he finds out that Saul took the ricin cigarette from him so that Walt could poison Brock. Jesse goes back to Saul’s, beats him up and steals his car. He drives it to Walt’s house and douses the place with gas.

Episode 12 – Rabid Dog

Walt arrives at his house to find Saul’s car in his driveway and his house doused in gasoline. He calls Jesse and leaves a message in order to explain himself. Skyler tells Walt to just take Jesse out. In a foreshadowing, we see Hank going to Walt’s house to talk Jesse down from burning the place down. Hank videotapes Jesse’s confession. Jesse tries to meet up with Walt wearing a wire, but then backs out, calls Walt and tells him that he will “get him where he really lives.” Walt calls Todd to say that he has another job for his uncle.

Episode 13 – To’hajiilee

The job for Todd’s uncle Jack is take out Jesse. Jack agrees under the condition that Walt does a cook for them so that Todd can learn the ropes. Hank learns that Walt has buried his money, so he stages a photo of a uncovered barrel for Jesse to lure Walt out. Walt panics and goes to To’hajiilee where he buried his money. It’s on the phone with Jesse that he confesses to some murders while convincing Jesse not to burn his money. Walt calls Jack to come take Jesse out at the coordinates of where the money is buried. Then, Jesse arrives with Hank and Agent Gomez and Walt calls Jack to call the whole thing off, but the Aryans arrive anyway after Walt surrenders. Both sides open fire while Walt and Jesse both hide away from it all.

Episode 14 – Ozymandias

At the scene of the shootout, Agent Gomez has been killed and Walt is left pleading for Hank’s life. Walt offered uncle Jack $80 million not to kill him, but he does it anyway. Jack and the crew dig up Walt’s barrels of money and leave one for him. Todd suggests that instead of killing Jesse, they torture him for information on the DEA. Marie tells Skyler that Walt has been arrested and makes her tell Walter Jr. everything. Walter Jr., Skyler and Holly arrive back at home to a hurried Walt who tells them to pack up so they can all leave. Skyler finally stands up to Walt with a knife, cuts him and Walter Jr. calls the cops. Walt then kidnaps Holly and absolves Skyler of any involvement in the meth business by acting the role of a egotistical, control freak maniac. Then, he leaves Holly at a fire station. After torturing Jesse, he is made to cook the Heisenberg grade blue meth with the threat of a photo of Andrea and Brock.

Episode 15 – Granite State

The disappearer relocates Walt to New Hampshire where he receives homemade chemo. Todd threatens Skylar not to talk to the DEA about Lydia. Jesse attempts to escape uncle Jack and his crew, but gets caught. Instead of killing him, Todd murders Andrea on her door step. Walt goes to a bar where he calls Walter Jr. and gets told to “just die already”. Walt calls the DEA to await his arrest, until he sees Gretchen and Elliott talking to Charlie Rose about Walt’s only contribution to Grey Matter: the name. By the time sheriffs arrive to arrest Walt, he is already gone.

Are you excited for tonight’s series finale?

Bryan Cranston has just taken to his official Twitter account to say, “Well, this is it. The last episode ever of Breaking Bad. Thank you for sharing this ride with me. Without you we never would have lasted.”

Aaron Paul took to his Twitter to say, “Let’s do this bitch!!! Get ready everyone for some madness.”

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