Breaking Bad Walter White Heisenberg Mask For Sale On eBay

Breaking Bad Walter White Heisenberg Mask For Sale On eBay

If you have a ton of cash on hand and you are interested in being Walter White/Heisenberg from AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad for Halloween, then you’re in luck! The Landon Meier, Hyperflesh silicone mask is available on eBay and it has been signed by Bryan Cranston himself. The only downer? The auction is up to $31,000 and has 109 bids.

Hey, if you’ve got that kind of cash laying around, then this is an awesome investment. It’s a piece of history, if you will. You could pair this mask with his green shirt and brown slacks and teach chemistry classes.

The mask is listed as being in used condition; from the description:

Mask was worn by Bryan Cranston and whoever else Bryan allowed to wear, (i.e.) Jimmy Fallon and Rapper/actor, Common. Mask was made-out with by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In perfect condition other than a little celebrity spit and sweat.

The Walter White mask is made of ultra-durable, long lasting Dragon Skin© platinum silicone. Landon’s unique pigmenting methods, combined with the translucency of the silicone, makes for a very convincing flesh. All hair is hand punched. This particular mask has been signed by Landon Meier and Bryan Cranston!

Watch the below video of Bryan Cranston walking the floor of the 2013 Comic Con as Heisenberg:

Pretty hilarious indeed!

TELL US: How much do you think the auction will end up getting when it’s all said and done?

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