Breaking Bad’s Series Finale: Felina – How Will It All End?

Breaking Bad's Series Finale: Felina - How Will It All End?

If you are like us, then you are waiting with baited breath for Breaking Bad’s series finale titled Felina. While the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan has said that “Felina” is just an anagram for “finale”, that may not be the bigger picture. As you may already know, in Vince’s world, a lot of things have more than one meaning. Take “Felina”, for instance. As you can see in the picture above, the letters could stand for “blood, meth and tears”.

Aren’t those three elements what the show has been all about since the beginning? Blood – Walt’s because of his cancer, meth for the blue Heisenberg grade meth that Walt cooked and tears for all of Skyler’s tears because of her husband’s secrets. It is all going to end badly for everyone, folks.

We’re going to take a stab at the ending, so here goes: EVERYONE DIES.

Walt makes his way to Albuquerque and Uncle Jack catches wind and puts a hit out on “Walter White”. This leads to Flynn getting shot because he has the same name as his father. Todd kills Skyler in order to protect Lydia’s identity, leaving Holly without a mother.

Walt kills Uncle Jack and his entire crew, with the exception of Todd. Walt leaves Todd for Jesse to kill as an act of revenge for Andrea’s murder. Walt tells Jesse he’ll deal with him later and makes his way to Gray Matter Technologies to take care of Gretchen and Elliott for lying about his connection to their company. He poisons them with ricin and since he’s got a little known clause in their contract, he ends up being the beneficiary of their business.

He thinks that his family is set and goes home to tell them about their inheritance that’s not the result of drug money. There, he finds that Flynn and Skyler are both dead and Holly is screaming her head off. He falls to the floor and just then, Jesse arrives. Walt tells Jesse to just kill him and that he knows that Holly would be taken care of from non-drug money. Jesse kills Walt and snatches up Holly. He then calls the disappearer/vacuum repair guy and leaves Albuquerque forever.

Hey, it could happen! Leave your comments as to what you think is going to happen on the show’s series finale?

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