‘Breaking Dawn Part Two’ Was Almost Rated R Instead Of PG-13

'Breaking Dawn Part Two' Was Almost Rated R Instead Of PG-13

It has been revealed that the final installment in the “Twilight” movies, “Breaking Dawn Part Two” just cut it close from receiving an R rating from the MPAA. And get this — it had nothing to do with the vampire sex scenes that the movie’s leads continue to rave about.

The movie’s director Bill Condon said that the R rating almost came from the movie’s big “twist” scene. That scene actually deviates from the original version of Stephenie Meyer’s book. In the final book, the Cullens, wolves and other vampire friends prepare themselves for a battle with the Volturi — a battle that never actually happens. Still, in the final flick, the audience gets to see the battle with some shocking footage of the deaths that occur.

Condon said, “It was a close call [with the rating], because they did say it was very, very intense. I wrote a letter [to the MPAA ratings board] and said that this is the only way we could do it, and they were cool [with it].”

He went on to say, “They said to pull back a little on the sound, the crunchy [decapitating] sound, and we did, and that got us our [PG-13] rating. There was one [effect] where we rip a head a you kind of see it come apart [that] I was sure we would have more trouble with, but we didn’t.”

Have you seen the final movie in the “Twilight” franchise? If so, what were your thoughts? Was the movie too violent to garner a rating of PG-13? Or is that just right? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts, “Twilight” fans!

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  • sky

    It was fantastic.. perfect… As That is what happpens to kill a Vampire, head or stake through the Heart.. I found this film amazing, And will watch it again and againxx

    • Михаило Мандић

      Umm… What?!
      Watching a climactic battle for half an hour, and in the end, it turns out it was all just a vision of what could happen!
      I FELT CHEATED! That wasn’t fantastic, that was DUMB!

      • buck

        omfg forreals man stewart is a little bitch fuck

    • lucascott

      And exactly how many vampires have you killed. Names, dates and locations please.

      Or perhaps you mean “this is what they say it would look and sound like if you could rip a person’s head off with your bare hands”

  • Why_Not_Zoidberg

    Sky… just listen to Dez.

  • placidandy

    Dez speaks to the times and the people, his message is pertinent.

  • Daniel John Stampe

    An R rating still woudn’t save this movie from being an absolute POS of a franchise.

  • nozer

    i lv braking dawn par2!!!!! it`s so damn awesome!!!!! forever…….

  • Winter

    The whole movie was AWESOME!!!!

  • David Chase Hawisher

    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree (I disagree with sky with a passion), let’s not encourage suicide.

  • amilia

    it was awesome! nothing more nothing less! PERFECT!

  • Vita

    It was just perfect!!! It was the best out of all the twilight movies. You could hear everyone gasp in the movie theater. Also everyone was so surprised tht it was all didnt really happen. Great job I loved it!!! ;D

  • Jon

    it was just a terrible film

  • Hannah

    There was nothing wrong with it.. besides no one cares on the rating nowadays. But over-rall I LOVED the movie , I actually wanna see it again

  • agustina

    great love all the Twilight movie is great love the mo is something very inexplicable is simply wow the 5 series were the most are my favoritas.wow quisieracreo I’m not the only one but not the movie would be good to follow. apartir Renesmee’s life would be super mega archi great: D is perfect

  • smurf

    Omg…can u guys leave sky alone… the movie was bad ass…ok!?!?

  • Taylor

    So stupid. I laughed through the entire movie. No, I didn’t go because I wanted to I got out voted by my cousins. Most stupid movie ever filmed the books are even worse. Just had to come one here to see why it almost got rated R.

  • Eric Carter

    The movies suck. The ending was just so fake. It was trying to be serious and epic but it was just an over the top action scene which I just thought was funny and not intense. Edward and Bella were flinging each other around like they were going to do a play for a balle. An R rating would not of saved this POS.

  • Constance

    I love the level of literacy in those favoring the Twilight franchise.

  • Damon Salvatore

    Twilight Sucks !!!!