Bret Michaels knocked in the head at the Tony Awards – Video

bret_michaels_gets_knocked_in_the_head_tony_awardsBret Michaels and Poison were performing “Nothing But A Good Time” at the 2009 Tony Awards. From the video below, you’ll see that as soon as they were all done playing, Michaels walks off the stage.

As he’s walking off, the set piece comes down and knocks him in the head, perhaps knocking him down. (?)  It is unclear as to the injuries suffered, if any, or whether or not he was taken to a hospital after the performance.

The piece coming down looks like it knocked him down. I hope he’s okay and hasn’t suffered any sort of concussion or other related damage from this.  If so, you know he’ll probably sue.

Check out the video of the incident:

Or this video, which is a little more clear:

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