Bret Michaels prepares for heart surgery

Bret Michaels is gearing up to have heart surgery in January 2011 and is feeling more positive about it, after admitting to being terrified.

He said, “I gotta tell ya, I’m very positive. I feel positive they’re going to do an amazing job. They’ve done thousands of these operations. We switched out from Lovenox now and there are two new blood thinners including Coumadin…I’d say if everything goes well, I’ll spend about three days in the hospital. And then about three weeks after that just really, really, really taking it easy.”

He went on to reveal, “The days after the operation are the more scary part for me. Once you do this operation, your heart, you’re hoping there’s no infection. You’re hoping there’s no clot. There’s a list of things you got to watch out for…and being diabetic increases that tenfold. It’s 95 percent unbelievably great results. Of course, there’s always the five percent risk at anything you do with this kind of thing and I’m hoping I’ll be in the 95 percent category.”

Good luck, Bret! We’ll be pulling for you!

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