Brian Bradley’s X Factor Judge’s House Performance (Video)

Brian Bradley's X Factor Judge's House Performance (Video)

Fourteen-year-old rapper Brian “Astro” Bradley performed Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down by Diddy on last night’s Judge’s Houses episode of The X Factor.

During his audition, he impressed the judges and the audience when he performed his own song, Stop Looking At My Mom. But during Boot Camp, judge L.A. Reid said that he was too young.

Last night, he performed in front of L.A. and Rihanna. He told her that if he doesn’t get selected, he’s going to keep going. But, he noted to Rihanna, that they would be doing a collaboration one day.

Check out his performance:


At first, we thought the song was The Message, but we were corrected after checking the X Factor’s official website. Still, we thought he did a great job. I would buy a rap album by Brian, would you? I actually liked Astro’s version of the song, compared to the original.

Is there a market for a young rapper? People buy Justin Bieber’s album in droves, so why not a young rapper? What do you think?

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