Brit Brit passes up the chance to dis Fed-Ex on her new album

I remember meandering if Britney Spears would use her divorce from Kevin Federline as a way to vent through her music on her upcoming album…No, I was wrong, she is passing up the chance to sing of heartache, his marijuana usage, or his leechery (is that even a word?).

Via TeenHollywood:

Pop superstar Britney Spears has snubbed the chance to vent her anger over her failed marriage to Kevin Federline on her forthcoming album, because she has other methods of dealing with her emotions.

The Toxic singer has been in the studio working on her comeback record with producer Nate ‘Danja’ Hills – Timbaland’s protege – and he insists her new release will not reflect the troubles she has experienced in her private life.

He tells Mtv, “She didn’t let none of her personal life into what she was doing.”

“There was no, ‘I need to let it all out.’ She said she deals with that in another way.”

Darn it, I wanted her to let it all out and tell us about how she was fed up from his BS.

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