Britney Eyes Bigger and Better 2007

Britney has definitely seen her ups and downs in the past year. From divorcing her leech of a husband, Kevin Federline, to having two kids with that schmuck, to going out amongst many paparazzi, sans panties.

Britney Spears has definitely made a name for herself in the process of making a comeback, and it has nothing to do with being a pop princess. Where I was once sure that people would flock in masses to buy her new CD, now I’m not so sure.

In my opinion, I would think that Ms. Spears would need to cool it for a while. Maybe lay low and practice being a good mother to her two young children. They need to remember what mommy looks like. She needs to move back to the principle of being a model of what real people, like you and me, can identify with.

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