Britney Spears: A Timeline Of Events

Remember when Britney Spears was younger and full of promise? It’s hard to think back at those days when our minds have been so filled with the drama that surrounds her now.

Britney Spears younger

She came out with hit records and was on top of the world. Back then, she was seeing Justin Timberlake and oozed sex appeal. Her fans spanned the globe and everyone was listening to her music.

Britney Spears

Her Video Music Awards performances were packed with actual dancing AND singing! Fans were treated to actual performances that were unbeatable. She was younger and more in tune with the image that she presented to everyone.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

They got married and she was pregnant with Sean Preston. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple. She was on hiatus from making music, but was enjoying her life.

They had Sean Preston and not long after, Jayden James Federline and things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Britney Spears & Sean Preston Federline

After the birth of Sean Preston, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline drifted apart. She seemed heartbroken and sad, while he was busy getting high with his friends. Their divorce was imminent. She filed for divorce after they had only been together for two years.

Britney then hit the party scene and was hanging out with Paris Hilton. It was rumored that Britney’s managers told her not to hang out with the heiress so that she could stage a proper comeback.

Britney Spears & Paris Hilton

She complied and stopped hitting the L.A. clubs with Paris Hilton. But that wasn’t before she shed every bit of dignity that she had when she didn’t cover herself when she was exiting cars that took her to those hotspots. (And I’m not showing that picture here.)

Britney then cut her hair and showed off a new look. It was rumored that this was to be her big comeback. She was seen skating with her then manager, Larry Rudolph.

Britney Spears skating rink

Her divorce got ugly after this and Britney went crazy. She dyed her hair brown and decided that she liked being chased around by the paparazzi. She went crazy and shaved her head.

Britney Spears shaves her head

She was forced into rehab shortly thereafter, so that she could deal with her demons.

I’m not sure if the umbrella incident was before or after her stint in rehab, but it just goes to show that she had problems that were obviously not being addressed.

Britney Spears umbrella incident

Her divorce was getting uglier and uglier by the minute as K-Fed wanted more and more of her money. He tried his hand at rapping, but failed. He came out with one album, Playing With Fire, and it bombed. Somewhere in the world, Britney had to be laughing.

Britney attempted to get her act together for her 2007 Video Music Awards comeback, but we all know how that turned out. She came out, looking like she was in a daze, slow-stepped the dance moves and lip-synced horribly. Her outfit was chosen by the staff of MTV, but she disagreed and opted to wear something that showed a lot more skin. Too much skin, if you ask me. Britney was once toned and petit, but for this performance, she should’ve worked out or even showed that she cared. This was not the Britney that kissed Madonna on stage or handled snakes.

Britney Spears' 2007 VMAs performance

Fast forward to this year…Britney was seen with snapper boytoy, Adnan Ghalib. It was said that when he was chasing her for pictures, he would always hold the door for her or pump her gas. He’s the perfect gentleman in her eyes. He even sent her flowers. Britney said that she thought he was cute. So she decided that they should be together, even though he’s still married to AzLynn Berry.

Britney Spears & Adnan Ghalib

His wife has recently filed for divorce and will probably seek spousal support. Adnan was accused of trying to sell half-naked pictures of Britney, but it was rumored that nobody wanted to buy them. He got on TV, talking about her and playing them voicemail messages that she left for him.

Britney finally had a mental breakdown on January 3rd of this year. She locked her and Jayden James in her bathroom and refused to turn them over to K-Fed’s bodyguard. She was then taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, strapped to a guerney. She was placed on a 5150 hold for 72 hours.

Britney Spears

K-Fed’s attorney was on the scene and called for an emergency hearing, at which time, she lost full custody of her children. It was proven that she is bipolar and wasn’t on any drugs of any kind. Dr. Phil came to talk to Britney at the request of her mother, Lynne Spears. He made the talk a public issue, even though Britney didn’t want him there. Britney threw a fit and got out of the hospital early.

Britney was taken to the hospital again, earlier this week, when her parents planned an intervention. Her manager, Sam Lutfi, was fighting with her parents after Britney had placed him in charge of her medical care. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, won temporary legal control over her, as she got admitted into the UCLA Medical Center this week. He has since banned Sam from seeing Britney or staying at her home. He spoke out, saying that Britney’s parents only cared about themselves and Britney’s money.

Britney Spears

This is a recent picture of Britney, after she had a fight with Sam last week. Look what she’s become….from Mickey Mouse princess to this….I hope that after this stay at the hospital, she can get her life back on track.

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  • joy

    poor britney :(

    i hope your life’ll get better

  • cinthya bahena

    hola la verdad es que soy fans de brit y la apoyo y recuerde que no todos somos perfecto a y sabretodo los reporteros ya exajeran eee

  • ss522

    what the hell cinthya bahena

  • Cj

    I just want to say, Britney I’m sure you have family that loves you dearly. I know I can’t tell you to stand strong because I don’t know what it is to lose children. But i know how it is to see children that has grown up without parents. So for them I’m praying that Jesus will help you to get out of all this and be there for your children.

    If you believe it or not – Jesus loves you.

  • armando

    britney no sabes cuanto te admiro por tu belleza, tu talento, carrera artistica y siempre te he amado desde que te conoci. los comentarios que hace la gente de ti, lo hacen como si ellos estuvieran excentos de cualquuier error humano y apesar de todo lo que se dice de ti te amo. te felicito, porque para la edad que tienes, ya eres mama y sabes salir adelante. bye

  • Mamma

    Well mabey she needs time and she’s dealing with this the best she can! People do make alot of mistakes and they do learn from the mistakes they’ve made, I know I’m a mother of a mupitable birth and I know when people butt in (like family) sometimes it’s better just to back off and let her have her space. I know if it was me with a ex like Kevin and the media in my face and all the other pressures of Hollywood I’d go crazy! So back off harsh people and leave her alone your the problem here that is making her do the things she does so go away and you’ll see the new pperson that she will become… give her some space PLEASE!!!!!

  • emyna

    britney is cool singer

  • ashley

    slut of britney a bitch ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • naiciect

    eh… bookmarked.

  • awdawd

    Shouldn't have sold your soul that time huh Britney? I guess this is how it always works out in the end for those that do.

  • luiiz

    britney eres una gran mujer i te admiro por tu belleza talento carrera artistica i por q apesar de todo de lo cualquier tropieso te as sabido levantar i con la cara mui en alto i demostrar quien eres loq ue vales demostrar que eres una gran mujer i mucho mejor que cualquiera i podran desir muchas demasiadas cosas malas de ti pero nadie es perfecto nadie!!! pero tu te as sabido levantar i demostrar que eres una gran persona i q puedes las veces q sean demostrar q eres una gran persona i una gran mamà

  • irina

    poor britney…:(

  • Indiesurfskate

    This was before she made a comeback… She’s doing a lot better :)