Britney Spears’ Camp Told Cali Lee To Keep Quiet On David Lucado Affair?

Britney Spears' Camp Told Cali Lee To Keep Quiet On David Lucado Affair?

Britney Spears called time on her relationship with David Lucado after a video surfaced showing that he was cheating on her with a porn star named Cali Lee. Her father and conservator Jamie Spears quickly stepped in to snap up the video footage showing the affair and showed it to the pop singer, leading her to break things off with the lawyer. Now, we’ve learned that Spears’ camp may have leaned on Lee to keep things on the down-low.

According to a report from TMZ, Spears’ legal team sent Lee a threatening letter, telling her to keep quiet about her relationship with Lucado. The letter advised the porn star to not say anything about things that she and Lucado discussed during their time together.

Reportedly, Spears’ camp told Lee that Lucado had signed a confidentiality agreement and that she was also bound by said agreement. Of course, Lee’s lawyer has refuted those claims and has assured Lee that she is free to speak up if she chooses. It makes sense because she didn’t sign anything and couldn’t legally be held liable for anything she talks about. Lucado may be liable, however, because he had a contractual obligation to keep his mouth shut. Will she end up spilling the beans if Lucado informed her of anything happening with Spears? If so, will Spears sue Lucado over the privacy breach?

We are just going to have to wait and see!

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