Britney Spears faces child abuse claims

According to her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, Britney Spears has been beating her children, Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline with a belt and has been giving them food that they are allergic to.

A source said, “Britney doesn’t mean to be a bad mom. But Flores feels she has so many issues she can’t be trusted around her boys. He claims the first really shocking incident was when she came marching into the pool house at her mansion and demanded his belt. He handed it over but then followed her into the main house and claims he witnessed the alleged incident.”

This is the same guy who also claimed Britney was walking around her house naked and had sexually harassed him, causing him to quit his job.

Are you buying into his claims? I don’t think those kids have ever seen discipline, let alone a belt…but that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

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