Britney Spears In The Beginning Stages Of Wedding Planning

Britney Spears In The Beginning Stages Of Wedding Planning

Despite what you may have heard about the state of Britney Spears’ upcoming wedding to fiance Jason Trawick, she is still planning their celebration. A recent report suggested that Britney and Jason had scrapped their plans for a wedding before the end of 2012. The rumors said that they canceled the wedding because of their fighting.

Despite all of that, we’ve learned that Britney is, in fact, in the beginning stages of wedding planning. The duo have been engaged since December 2011, but have yet to set a date (publicly). When she was asked how the wedding planning was going, Britney said, “Pretty good. We’re getting there.”

She went on to say that they are still in the beginning stages of planning their nuptials. About the rumors of their bickering, apparently that’s a normal thing when it comes to her cleanliness habits. She said, “I’m OCD. I’m like, to the point where I’m completely anal and he’s the complete opposite so we really butt heads in that department.”

When she was asked about which of the rooms in their house are the most organized, she said, “All the rooms. Even the refrigerator is completely organized. Everything is in its place.”

We can’t wait to see wedding photos of Britney Spears and Jason Trawick when they do finally make it down the aisle. Do you think she’ll wear white?

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