Britney Spears is a skank

Like that’s something you didn’t know, right?

This hooker stops as she was going to drive off to spit out obscenities at a photographer. She’s making a comeback and has had nothing but bad PR since forever. This girl needs to take a rest and stop being such an ignorant hillbilly. I know that she has 800 tons of money, but jeezus, money can’t buy class.

I’d love to know what the Spanish speaking guy is saying in this clip. Here, the rehabbed Brit is cussing out that guy and stopping to get out and talk on her cell phone for the paparazzi. What an idiot.

I feel for her children. She went downhill when her and K-Fed got together and she’s been nothing but crap ever since. She has since become a disgusting caricature of herself.

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