Britney Spears Is Dating Charlie Ebersol

Britney Spears Is Dating Charlie Ebersol

Britney Spears has officially confirmed her relationship with Charlie Ebersol. It was rumored that she was dating someone new following her split from David Lucado and apparently it’s 100% true. We’re guessing girlfriend didn’t want to be home alone for the holiday season without a man in her life.

She called time on her relationship with David Lucado after she found out via the internet that he was skeeving around behind her back with some random chick. There was video taken of the cheating that David did behind Brit’s back, but Jamie Spears swooped in with some massive cha-ching and made it disappear.

She told a group of concertgoers in Las Vegas after the incident that everyone already knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Since, the singer has said that she has been enjoying the single life. Apparently that was spoken prematurely because she has already moved on to the likes of Charlie. Good for her.

Britney shared the above photo on her Twitter account, showing herself and Charlie together looking happy. She captioned the picture with an emoticon of a heart, while he shared the same picture with the caption “happiness”.

It’s really cute that she has found someone who is not only attractive, but also has money in his own right. She seemed to have taking a liking to dating “the help” for quite some time there. She married Kevin Federline, who was a backup dancer. After that, she dating a paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib. After that fell through, she was said to be with Sam Lutfi, even though we questioned the status of their relationship together. He basically used her for the perks and it was said that he doped her up with medications until she was taken on a 5150 hold. After all of that, she moved on to Jason Trawick of whom she was engaged and then to David Lucado. He was a creep, though…and now she looks positively happy and healthy. Kudos to Britney!

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