Britney Spears Knows How To Mend A Broken Heart

Britney Spears Knows How To Mend A Broken Heart

Have you ever heard that saying “to get over one man, you have to get under a new one”? Well that is exactly what pop singer Britney Spears did after breaking things off with former fiance Jason Trawick. In fact, she has found that dating a new fella such as David Lucado is the key to mending her broken heart.

When filling in for Ryan Seacrest for American Top 40, she joked, “Just get another guy really quick! I think if you get another boyfriend it’s really easy to get over it.”

She said, “But for real, I think you need a lot of friends around you and you need to go to the movies and have dinner dates with your girlfriends. Yeah, I think that’s important.”

With regard to her new album Britney Jean, she said that moving on quickly from Trawick inspired the tracks. She added, “It was very therapeutic, yeah. I got over it really fast. Basically, what [the tracks are] talking about, your love is gone [but] you’ll never forget it. The time goes by and time heals, and all those wonderful beautiful breakup things that you say.”

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