Britney Spears’ next album is due out in late December

Britney Spears
[Image Credit: Anwer2007 via Flickr]

Britney Spears’ newest album is due out in late December, as revealed by OK! magazine.

Britney says, “It’s my best work ever.”

I hope so, with winning three moon men at the VMAs and not performing, the album better be good.

Even that celebrity blogger whose name I won’t mention said that Britney did everything right. I will say that I found one thing wrong with his statement about Britney:

“That’s what people want. They want to see her smiling. Even if all she does is smile and wave, I say that’s mission accomplished.”

Suck up cuz you’re not a real celebrity much?

I think that the people want the old Britney back. And it takes more than smiling and waving to be considered a success in the music industry. Could you imagine if people said the same thing about George Bush? Just smile and wave, yet spend all of our money while we’re not looking…..Oh wait, he’s doing that already….

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