Britney Spears To Receive $15 Million A Year For Las Vegas Gigs

Britney Spears To Receive $15 Million A Year For Las Vegas Gigs

Pop princess Britney Spears has just signed a cool contract for two year’s worth of gigs at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. Reportedly, Spears will receive a whopping $310,000 per show! Yes, you read that correctly: $310,000 PER SHOW. Can you imagine making that kind of money? We can’t either, but you could try to come out on top with this Paddy Power Bingo site. It won’t get you Britney’s kind of money, but you could make some nice change and have fun!

According to TMZ, Spears’ contract is for 48 shows per year for her residency in Sin City. It all comes out to roughly $14.8 million per year. Basically, if the Planet Hollywood Resort sells out their arena, they would receive $500,000.

Negotiations for the pop singer’s residency hit fever pitch when she announced that she was leaving The X Factor. There was a bit of a bidding war, but apparently $310,000 per show was Spears’ number and she took the deal.

With regard to her residency, Spears said, “The performances won’t be simple. They’ll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed.”

If you’re curious how Britney Spears’ contract measures to that of the reigning queen of Las Vegas, Celine Dion, then the answer is that she does come close. Dion rakes in $475,000 per concert and does roughly 70 shows per year. That’s a lot to measure up to, even for us. We’re going to get started playing bingo online to try and catch up…but even if we can’t, it’s going to be a blast.

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