Britney Spears Trying To Get Out Of The Conservatorship?

Some people think that Britney Spears is really crazy and needs to be under her father’s control. Others, such as the owner of, believe that Britney is really trying to make a discerned effort to have the conservatorship removed.

Recently, we’ve heard her calls for help. Now, we’re hearing that Miss Spears is looking for help to get out from under her father’s thumb.

Sam Lutfi’s sister confirmed that she snuck a cell phone to Britney at her own request. Which only goes to show you that Britney is either still mentally unstable or that she just wants out.

While we could argue for days about Britney’s state of mind or whether or not her career has done better since the conservatorship has been put into place, I can say this: The judge in her case should allow her representation by her own attorneys who represent her best interests. Of course her father wants to keep control of her affairs, he’s making bank off of the conservatorship.

I think she should be free.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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