Brooke Mueller Concerned About Charlie Sheen Roast

Brooke Mueller Concerned About Charlie Sheen Roast

Brooke Mueller is concerned that she has a giant target on her back in her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen’s upcoming Roast on Comedy Central. Like Charlie, Brooke has fueled some crazy stories about herself, but her problem is that she doesn’t want it in the national spotlight.

Legally, Charlie is forbidden from talking about her drug use publicly, but technically, are the other people involved in the Roast also bound by those terms?

Brooke says that she wants her name off-limits during Charlie’s roast on September 10th. Brooke’s people said, “He better not go there.”

She’s so serious about keeping her name off of the hot topic list that her people are considering sending Comedy Central a letter, telling them to stay away from poking fun at her. Yes, Charlie is bound by the terms of their divorce decree, not to go on record about her drug use, but there are others there who aren’t bound by that contract. Someone’s bound to spout off about her recent trip to the pawn shop in the wee hours of the morning, where she was “trying to help a friend.”

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