Brooke Mueller Has Nude Shower Photos Being Shopped Around

Brooke Mueller Has Nude Shower Photos Being Shopped Around

Charlie Sheen’s baby’s mother and ex-wife Brooke Mueller has some ultra racy nude pictures that are being shopped around to the highest bidder! Wow, we’re guessing she just doesn’t know how the internet works?!? “TMZ” has the scoop:

We’ve learned Brooke took the pics herself, just after she got out of the shower. The two pictures are really graphic. The angle is NOT flattering … and on top of that, she’s dripping wet, and not in a good way. It’s kind of like looking at a topographical map of the Rockies.

Brooke sent the pics to her then-boyfriend … a Jewish country singer.

We’re told Brooke knows exactly who’s trying to sell the photos — a disgruntled ex-assistant.

How crude of them to say that it’s like looking at a “topographical map of the Rockies.” What do you think of this scandal? Is she trying to stay famous for another 15 minutes? Or is she trying to get Charlie to put a lid on these photos ASAP? Is this something that people really need to see?!?

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This post is written by Megan Lindsey

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