Brooke Mueller Wants Custody Of Her Twins To Keep The Child Support

Brooke Mueller Wants Custody Of Her Twins To Keep The Child Support

Brooke Mueller is worried that if she loses permanent custody of her twins with Charlie Sheen, she will also lose that fat payment that she gets for child support. Currently, she gets a whopping $55,000 per month, but is concerned that the payments will stop because she doesn’t have custody of her kids.

A source said, “One of the reason she had her lawyer go to court on Friday to ask the judge to strip Denise Richards of temporary guardianship of Bob and Max – and have them placed with her brother – is because she is afraid that Charlie is going to cut off child support. Brooke hasn’t worked in years and is unable to keep a job because of her addiction to drugs.”

The snitch added, “Charlie hasn’t given any indication that he is planning to do so — yet.”

The source continued, “Brooke doesn’t have any money saved and lives month-to-month on the child support. Charlie will reassess the child support issue with Brooke in the next few months and see where things stand. He wants her to get the help she needs.”

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  • jody overland

    Why would any court ever let Brooke have any custody of any living thing – even a plant? Okay, maybe a coca bush or a nice opium poppy.

  • Annemarie

    Of course she does, but hopefully the judge is going to look at 20 times in rehab and say NO!

  • Pamela

    I think Denise should be given all of the kids!!!