Bruce Dickinson to Sharon Osbourne: Suck it

Actually, the entire interview with Iron Maiden’s frontman, Bruce Dickinson, can be found here. Here is a snippet:

“What we do is we are a heavy metal band and what we care about is our fans. That’s it. So our strength comes from that simplicity. You know, what do I care if I never appear on reality TV? ‘Fucking great, thank you! Can I have it in writing?’ But in her world, that’s really important. In her world, it’s really important what you look like. In her world, facelifts are really important. In my world, I don’t give a fuck. I get old and I get wrinkly. Who gives a shit?”

A musician that speaks up against Ozzfest and Sharon Osbourne?!? Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden are legends in the heavy metal arena and they wanna know, “Where are the kids?!??”. Not bowing to corporate hoopla and continuing to show fans everywhere, who’s the reigning boss of the heavy metal scene, it’s definitely Iron Maiden.

And now, for a video, “Wicker Man”:

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