Bruce Jenner Did Not Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery

Bruce Jenner Did Not Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery

Despite the lies that you may have heard in the tabloid media and gossip websites, we have learned that former Olympian Bruce Jenner has not had gender reassignment surgery as of yet.

Jenner blew the lid off of reports that he was transgendered with his Diane Sawyer interview. Since, he has said that he has plans to undergo surgery. New reports from the media have stated that Jenner has gone under the knife, but we’ve learned that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Radar Online stated that Jenner had the surgery three weeks ago in a Beverly Hills clinic after hours with a skeleton crew. Jenner was said to have commented on the “grueling” recovery, but we have found out that this was all a lie!

Shocker, right?

Did you believe the rumors that Bruce Jenner underwent gender reassignment surgery already? He has said that the surgery is planned, but perhaps he is merely saving that up for his reality TV docuseries? What do you think?

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