Bruce Jenner Lawsuit: Former Olympian Sued By Kim Howe’s Stepchildren

Bruce Jenner Lawsuit: Former Olympian Sued By Kim Howe's Stepchildren

Bruce Jenner was involved in a serious car accident in early February and it cost one driver named Kim Howe her life. Now, her stepchildren are crawling out of the woodwork to sue him over the accident.

Jenner didn’t receive any criminal charges over the death of Howe, but her stepchildren are taking him to court for wrongful death. Shortly after the accident, Jenner released a statement to the media showing his remorse over the accident. Afterward, TMZ reported that Howe had no direct relatives and that the only ones with a legal right to sue Jenner were her seldom-seen stepchildren. Police obtained video of the accident footage, but that has yet to be released to the public. In Touch Weekly even speculated that Bruce Jenner would be going to prison because of the accident, but as always, they are completely full of crap.

Howe’s stepchildren are claiming “loss of affection” with regard to the accident claiming her life, but sources close to the deceased say that there wasn’t any affection to begin with. From TMZ:

And as we reported, the 2 stepkids had virtually no relationship with Kim, and any damages they claim for her loss might be extremely hard to prove. They claim loss of affection, but friends who were close to Kim say there was no affection at all. Kim had no other living relatives.

At this point, it appears to be an obvious money grab. What do you think?

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