Bruce Jenner Relinquishes Phone Records In Fatal Crash

Bruce Jenner Relinquishes Phone Records In Fatal Crash

Bruce Jenner was involved in a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday of which claimed one woman’s life. The person in front of him came to a stop on the freeway, causing a domino effect with cars crashing into each other. The accident sent a Lexus careening into traffic – causing a crash with a Hummer. The accident caused the Lexus driver to pass away, but some were pointing the finger at Bruce – saying that the former Olympian might’ve been at fault for the accident because he was texting.

As you may know, texting while driving is illegal in most states. Bruce was being followed by the paparazzi and they’d snapped numerous pictures of the accident and the aftermath. A photo surfaced showing Bruce holding something in his hands at the time of the accident – and some alluded to him using his cell phone to text while driving on the freeway. Fortunately, other photos have surfaced to negate the texting reports and it was revealed that Bruce was puffing on a cigarette instead.

Despite the photographic evidence of Bruce Jenner’s innocence, he has offered to turn over his phone records in order to establish that he wasn’t texting while driving on the freeway. Jenner released a statement with regard to the accident, sending his deepest sympathies to the drivers of the other vehicles.

Jenner has authorized Los Angeles County detectives to access data from his cell phone service provider. The detectives are awaiting written word from Jenner in order to access his cell phone records, but he is confident that they will prove his innocence.

Stay tuned for the latest with regard to Bruce Jenner’s car crash.

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