Bruce Jenner Removes Manly Photos From His Home

Bruce Jenner Removes Manly Photos From His Home

Bruce Jenner is in the middle of a personal transformation into a woman and apparently is also discarding anything that reminds him of his old life as a man. Reportedly, the former Olympian is trying to erase his masculine past after as source has confirmed that he is making the transition into a woman.

A spy close to the situation said, “Many of the pictures of him at his home when he was a man have been taken out of the frames and off the walls.”

Bruce is said to be finally happy after deciding to make the change in his personal life. He is also documenting his transformation in a new docu-series that is currently being filmed. The source said, “This is not a joke, the number one name for the show that is being thrown around is Trans-Jenner! It almost is too perfect. But another name they are also throwing around in Bruce Jenner: My Journey. They don’t want to fully scare off potential viewers with a very risky title for a very risky life change.”

Despite making his change, the former Olympian is still interested in dating women. The source said, “As a woman, he still wants to continue sleeping with women. He loves women and loves having sex with women, always has, always will. What he never liked, was his body and being a man. He’s always felt he was born in the wrong body.”

Will you watch Bruce Jenner’s new reality show about his transformation into a woman? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

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