Bruce Jenner Reveals New Name To Diane Sawyer And It’s Not Belinda

Bruce Jenner - Diane Sawyer Interview

Bruce Jenner has recorded his Diane Sawyer interview and confirmed that he is transitioning from a man into a woman. In the interview snoops also claim that he revealed his chosen name and it is not Belinda as some reports have claimed.

A source tells US Weekly, “He referred to her in the third person.”

Several reports have suggested that Bruce Jenner is putting his gender transition plans on hold following last weeks car crash that totaled his Prius truck. It was ruled out that Bruce was texting or under the influence of any substances at the time of the track. However, some reports have suggested that Bruce could be charged with following to closely to the Lexus.

We don’t yet know the name Bruce Jenner has chosen for his transition, but the fact that he revealed the name and other details of his new life to Diane Sawyer, shows his determination to move forward with his plans.

[Photo Credit: jla0379]

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