Bruce Jenner Still Wants To Be A Woman

Bruce Jenner Still Wants To Be A Woman

Poor Bruce Jenner – the guy just can’t seem to catch a break. He just can’t seem to escape those pesky rumors that he is looking to undergo a sex change operation in order to become a woman.

First the rumors began as a result of a laryngeal shave that he had done recently. Then it was rumored by the National Enquirer that it was all part of his big plan to go from a man to a woman (not that there is anything wrong with that).

We think that this started as some sort of argument with Kris Jenner prior to their separation. He probably told her that he would tell the media how many dudes she slept with during their marriage and she said that she would tell everyone and their mother that he wanted to be a woman. It sounds like some kind of PR spin nightmare that she would try pulling off.

Now it is being rumored that Bruce has already begun hormone therapy and is growing breasts. A source revealed, “Before Bruce had his Adam’s apple shaved down, he talked to the doctor at length about having his penis removed next. Bruce says he is finally doing what he wants to do. He knows he will be the butt of a ton of jokes, but he was tired of living his life to make other people happy. He says he may not get breast implants because he doesn’t want to embarrass his daughters. He’ll continue to look more like himself in public. He explained to his kids that life is too short not to be your true and authentic self.”

We’re calling BS on all of this right now. If Bruce really wanted to be a woman, then why on earth would he want to hide that? A doctor would want Bruce living as a woman for at least one year before committing himself to actually undergoing gender reassignment surgery. They want to make sure it’s not just a fad. The way the quote was worded from their “source”, the public wouldn’t have any way of verifying its authenticity because no one is going to check down his pants to see if he’s had his junk removed. Rumor busted — we need something to go on here. What do you think?

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