In Touch Weekly Used Stephanie Beacham’s Body For Bruce Jenner Photoshop

In Touch Weekly Used Stephanie Beacham's Body For Bruce Jenner Photoshop

Yesterday, the magazine covers came out and we were all shocked and stunned to see that Bruce Jenner was in drag on the cover of the newest issue of In Touch Weekly. It was shocking for the magazine to have the audacity to Photoshop the former Olympian as a woman – considering that a lot of transgendered people are having so much trouble transitioning and/or coming out. It’s sickening, really, that the magazine actually paid someone to Photoshop Bruce Jenner’s head on a woman’s body.

And it’s not just any woman, either. Page Six has sniffed around and found that the magazine Photoshopped Jenner’s head on the body of Stephanie Beacham. From their report:

The original Getty Images photo shows the actress in the same scarf and red top at a BARREtoned Studio launch party in London in 2013.

Bruce’s ex, Kris Jenner (whose daughters seem to be fine with Photoshop), is outraged by the cover.

The article says sources revealed “what Bruce wants to look like when his transformation is complete, and their inside knowledge was used for our photo recreation.”

Interesting, no?

Surely, the magazine could have come up with something better than this whole mess. Photoshopping Bruce Jenner into a woman wouldn’t have been that difficult, but it looks like they’ve hired someone who doesn’t even have any creativity whatsoever. Seriously – those cheeks with their blushed on rouge? Come on, did they really think that readers would see that and not call BS on their authenticity?

Basically, they are saying that if Bruce Jenner was transitioning into a woman, he’d also have poor taste in clothing as well as weird makeup ideas? This looks like it was Photoshopped by a high school kid and not someone who has a serious career in the magazine business. Whoever did this and whoever approved it – they both need to be fired in the worst way.

What do you think of this atrocity? Sound off in the comments section below.

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