BRUCE JENNER: Womanly Transformation Complete?

BRUCE JENNER: Womanly Transformation Complete?

Is Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a woman complete? That seems to be the rumor that is floating across the internet these days. Bruce is finally realizing what happens when rumors spin out of control because you refuse to acknowledge them or deny them.

For some reason unknown to us, Bruce recently underwent a laryngeal shave, which made his Adam’s Apple less prominent. Now, people are checking out his rack, hair, nails and other qualities to see if he is actually undergoing gender reassignment surgery. We’re still not sure, but because he has yet to address this nonsense, we are left with nothing but our imaginations on this one.

Bruce also showed off a fuller head of hair which appeared to be in a popular women’s style. We can’t say whether or not Bruce is trying to look womanly or if he just had some hair plugs put in. Either way, his hair is definitely sporting more volume. Since we don’t have access to the newest picture of Bruce post-laryngeal shave, you can check that out at Us Magazine’s website. From their report:

One possible reason for his secrecy: The procedure can be a step toward becoming a woman. The laryngeal shave — which starts at $5,000 — “is, in many cases, a part of gender-reassignment surgeries,” explains NYC-based cosmetic surgeon Michael Jones. “But that’s not the only reason to have it.”

The former decathlete, for instance, says he simply wanted to change a problem spot: “I just didn’t like my trachea.”

Sources close to the former Olympian’s sons have revealed that they have just laughed at the rumors and aren’t taking any stock in them whatsoever. In fact, they have attributed his love for plastic surgery procedures as a direct result of being with Kris Jenner for so long and say that he is super conscious of his outer appearance following their marriage.

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  • Jim K

    Stick around self-loving and extremely shallow people long enough (ehem…Kardashians) and what do you expect?

  • DrGoatse


  • sarah

    Did you people ever think that the reason Bruce is ignoring the rumors is because he doesn’t give a darn what people are saying???? He may think it is so ludicrous that it doesn’t warrant addressing???? Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than worrying about others and what they are doing? Get a life of your own and ignore this family.

  • januscatinhat

    Never heard anyone find flaw with Bruce’s looks. Rather wish he would (or she if that ends up the case) consider delving more into the deeper aspects of mental and spiritual growth and just bet he would find amazing enrichment without spending so very much money and risking havoc to the nice healthy physical body he was gifted with. Aging is not the problem, the attitude one approaches aging with may become a big problem if one let’s it. Hope he finds his bliss.

  • Sandy Castor

    ONG he is starting to look like a woman.