Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change: Kim Kardashian Speaks

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change: Kim Kardashian Speaks

Bruce Jenner’s sex change has been on everyone’s minds in the most recent months and apparently Kim Kardashian isn’t about to divulge any details of his supposed transformation.

Kardashian appeared on Entertainment Tonight where she spoke of wanting more children and the topic of Jenner’s “journey”. These Kardashians love to tease us with small bits, but it’s how they suck the public into watching shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and their ilk. It’s likely that Bruce Jenner has been coerced for a nice sized paycheck to talk about his “journey” on their show for the sake of ratings.

In her interview, Kardashian said, “We support Bruce no matter what, we support Bruce one hundred percent. On this one, I will say that Bruce should tell his story his way.”

When pushed for an answer on whether or not Bruce is going through something, she said, “I think everyone goes through things in life. But I do think that that story, and what Bruce is going through, I think he’ll share whenever the time is right.”

She added, “Bruce is very happy, the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He’s our dad, so we support him no matter what. I think when the time’s right, he’ll talk about whatever he wants to talk about. I just feel like, that’s his journey to really talk about.”

Do you think that the Kardashians and Jenners are quite possibly milking Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation for as much time and attention as they could possibly get? We’re gathering that this will definitely be a storyline for the upcoming season of their reality show because they are certainly pimping this out quite a lot. What we’re guessing is that the “transformation” is really about Bruce Jenner learning to live life as a single man instead of being shackled to a succubus otherwise known as Kris Jenner. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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