Bruce Jenner’s Womanly Transformation: Kris Jenner Knew For Years

Bruce Jenner's Womanly Transformation: Kris Jenner Knew For Years

Bruce Jenner is close to the end of his womanly transformation and will talk about it in depth on his reality TV docu-series slated for spring. The show is said to be taking center stage following the season ten finale of his ex-wife’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Prior to his docu-series airing, Jenner will talk to Diane Sawyer in a sit down interview with regard to his transition into a woman. Despite all of that, the Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians have been saying that they were blindsided by the news of Bruce’s transformation. We have since learned that Bruce’s transition shouldn’t come as a surprise to Kris because she has known for years that Bruce wanted to become a woman. The Kardashians were lying about something? Say it isn’t so!

Bruce Jenner’s sons are finding it hard to stomach all of the reports coming out that Kris was completely blindsided by Bruce’s transition. She said that she had no idea that he wanted to live as a woman, but sources close to the situation are calling BS.

According to a family source, Kris has known since marrying Bruce that he “had issues with his sexual identity.”

Kris wanted to keep anything related to Bruce Jenner’s transition under wraps so that it wouldn’t hurt the huge Kardashian/Jenner branding that she’d created following Kim Kardashian’s sex tape release.

Bruce Jenner’s sons are sort of miffed at Kim Kardashian for talking about their father’s transition on television. They have said that the reality star knew exactly what she was doing when she opened up about Bruce’s journey. They even went as far as saying that she hijacked his moment.

The former Olympian was also attacked by a transgendered woman for supposedly using his transformation in order to make a television show. Zoey Tur called Bruce out for publicizing the transition in the manner that he has, instead of coming right out and saying that he is transitioning. Reportedly, Bruce wanted to wait to let the world know about his transition when his daughters were of age to completely understand what he was going through.

Are you surprised to learn that Kris Jenner was aware of Bruce Jenner’s transition when they got married? It seems very likely that she knew and in addition wanted to keep it a secret so that it wouldn’t interfere in her mission to make the Kardashians a household name. What do you think?

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