Bruce & Kris Jenner Divorcing?

Bruce & Kris Jenner Divorcing?

Appearing on the latest cover of the “National Enquirer” is Bruce and Kris Jenner. The tabloid is reporting that the high-profile couple are ready to call it quits on their almost 22-year marriage. In fact, the “Enquirer” points out that the duo have already worked out the details of splitting their massive fortune.

According to the magazine, Bruce and Kris have already worked out a settlement for their $175 million fortune. According to Kris’ Wikipedia page, her net worth is an estimated $20 million. So that would mean that she really hit the jackpot when she married Bruce.

We’re guessing a good Kardashian always sniffs out the almighty dollar, so she was just following protocol. The rag reports that Kris actually collapsed upon learning that her marriage was toast. Also a laugh is that she was begging him not to leave her.

These Kardashian and Jenner broads are always featured on the cover of the tabloid weeklies. Do you think that they’re getting a cut of the profits every time we have to look at their mugs at the grocery stores? Let us know if you believe the hype surrounding the divorce rumors. Are they just victims of magazines trying to inflate their sales? Thoughts?

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