Burnell Taylor – You Give Love A Bad Name – American Idol Video

Burnell Taylor - You Give Love A Bad Name - American Idol Video

On Wednesday night, Burnell Taylor was up first on the “American Idol” stage to perform Bon Jovi’s mega-hit “You Give Love A Bad Name”. In the end, we weren’t sure that this is the way the show should’ve started. Are the Idol producers looking for an all girl showdown this season? Are you current with the show? If not, catch our recap here and get caught up with all of the action.

Here is what the judges had to say about Burnell’s performance:

Keith – Rock N Roll isn’t his thing. He looked uncomfortable in the song.
Nicki – He was still lovable to her.
Randy – Ride the beat harder. It’s a good learning thing for him.
Mariah – She’s proud of him. He just learned the song and had fun with it.


burnell – Finalists by caseycarlsonx1

Was this your favorite performance of the evening? Or do you think Burnell will be in trouble when it comes to Thursday night’s elimination episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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