Cal Worthington’s Divorce Should Leave Anna With Jack Squat

Cal Worthington's Divorce Should Leave Anna With Jack Squat

The 91-year-old famous car salesman, Cal Worthington, is getting a divorce from his 42-year-old wife claiming that she’s going for his cash. He took this divorce extremely seriously. She has been banned from his multimillion dollar mansion and he took her Bentley. This guy is smart – he signed a prenuptial agreement, which means what he had before the marriage he gets after the divorce.

Cal says he has to only give her four grand a month for six months. Then he is done with the gold digger! She, on the other hand, thinks she deserves the Beverly Hills mansion. She says that he bought the mansion as a wedding gift for her and says she should get at least half of it. He is calling trickery. He wants the judge to completely block her from being allowed on mansion property.

I don’t blame him. In the divorce documents, he claimed that she was driving a 2004 Chrysler Sebring before the marriage. He says that is what she should be driving after the marriage. Anna Hired Mark Vincent Kaplan as her attorney to “insure [Cal] does not leave me on the street without any means to live.”

This could get ugly!

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