Carvel rejects Lindsay & Ali Lohan’s Black card

Dina Lohan made it a point yesterday to let everyone and their mother know that she had a hard time using Lindsay and Ali’s Carvel ice cream Black card. Apparently the card was given out as a part of their 75th year anniversary and only select celebrities received them. Their terms of usage state that the card holder must be present and that the ice cream received cannot exceed $25 per week.

Dina went in and tried to get some free ice cream with the card and the shop attendant asked her for identification. This caused a problem for Dina, who ran right over to Radar Online to give a statement about the whole fiasco.

She said, “The shop assistant said, ‘Do you have I.D.?’ Next minute, he grabbed my arm and took my card and held it hostage and wouldn’t give me the cake! This guy was crazy! I didn’t think it be a problem. I couldn’t believe this guy… it’s a family card, it just didn’t have my name on it. Next minute, four cop cars showed up, there’s a police helicopter overhead and this guy makes it seem to the cops that I’m trying to use a stolen credit card — and for what? Over a free ice cream?!”

When the cops arrived, the attendant returned the card to her, but he didn’t want to. She said, “Finally he gave up and gave me my card back. But he told me, ‘You can have the card, but you can’t have the cake!’ It just shows how we get treated so much worse than regular people. Just wait until Lindsay and Ali hear about this. When Ali gets back, I’m going to bring her in everyday to this store – and you can print that!”

Carvel has since released a statement on their blog, addressing the matter:

As part of Carvel’s 75th Anniversary celebration last year, we issued 75 Black Cards to celebrities. These cards were issued in the celebrity’s name and require the card holder to be present at the time of use. Many celebrities have enjoyed their cards at our Carvel Ice Cream shoppes and have shared their excitement with being included in the celebration.

Unfortunately, the Lohan family has been abusing the card. While the card was issued in Lindsay and Ali’s names only, their extended family has repeatedly used the card without either present. At first, we graciously honored their requests while explaining that the Black Card was not a carte blanche for unlimited Carvel Ice Cream for the extended Lohan family and friends. After more than six months of numerous and large orders for ice cream, we finally had to cut off the card and take it back.

Dina Lohan reacted badly and called the police to have her card returned. The police responded and did return the card to Dina with instructions not to use it again.

This is an unfortunate situation where certain people feel entitled to use a celebrity’s name for their own purposes. We regret that the Lohan family is upset and hope this matter is put behind us quickly.

She’s not a real celebrity anyways, so why does she even bother? And who’s the parent here? I love how she says “Wait ’til they hear about this”, like she’s going to tell on them. Ugh, these people, so self-entitled.

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