Casey Anthony Ordered To Return To Florida

Casey Anthony Ordered To Return To Florida

Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. But, she was convicted of check fraud in 2010 and has since been ordered to return to Florida to serve out her probation in that case.

Before her highly publicized murder trial, Casey pleaded guilty to check fraud. During her daughter’s disappearance, Casey reportedly stole checks from a friend and went shopping.

Casey’s attorneys argued that it wouldn’t be good for her if her exact location was known to the public. The judge agreed and ordered the Department of Corrections to keep her address information secret while she serves out her probation. She has received a lot of death threats after being acquitted of Caylee’s murder. A lot of people were shocked that she was seemingly guilty of murder, yet the Prosecution was unable to prove their case.

Her lawyers tried to argue that she served out her probation during her jail time in connection with her daughter’s murder. The judge rejected those claims.

She is due back in the Sunshine state on August 26th to report to her probation officer.

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