Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Jail; Set For Release July 13th

Casey Anthony Sentenced To Four Years In Jail

Casey Anthony was acquitted on charges of first degree murder, manslaughter and child abuse, but she was found guilty of lying to police officers. Today, she was sentenced to four years in jail, one for each count of providing false information to cops.

Reportedly, she is getting credit for time served and is set for release on July 13, 2011.

A juror in the case has already spoken out to say that they didn’t come to the not guilty verdict lightly. She said that it came through tears and just because they found her not guilty, it doesn’t mean that she’s completely innocent.

Wow, she’s getting out super early. Can you imagine how much money she stands to make off of book deals, a possible movie and any other lucrative offers that the media throws her way. It’s sickening, really, to think of how many people bash her, yet are willing to pay her off for interviews and the such. Hopefully, she will not have it so easy.

Millions of people sat in shock when the verdict was read. Yes, the jury did their jobs and the Prosecution’s case was mostly circumstantial. But, she will have her little girl’s death on her conscience for the rest of her life. She knows what happened when her daughter went missing, and whether or not it was an accident. We, the public, may never know, but she does. It’s her cross to bear. What do you think?

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