Casey Anthony Sued By Meter Reader, Roy Kronk

Casey Anthony Sued By Meter Reader, Roy Kronk

Casey Anthony might want to send that gray $50 Walmart suit to the cleaners, because she might be needing to wear it for court again soon! (Note: I know it’s $50 because I have the same suit…but I’m not famous because my kids are still alive…)

Roy Kronk is the meter maid who found Casey’s daughter, Caylee’s remains, and has now filed a lawsuit against the “alleged” Murder Mom after she pointed the finger at him. During her investigation for murder, she reportedly accused him of doing the deed, so jurors wouldn’t think she was guilty.

TMZ reports:

Roy Kronk alleges in his lawsuit … Casey’s lawyers acted as her agents when they went on a media blitz accusing him of doing in the toddler. Kronk points to various statements the lawyers made to reporters, including, “Roy Kronk is the Killer,” “Roy Krong is a childsnatcher,” and “Roy Kronk is guilty.”

Kronk — who never got a retraction — now wants punitive and other damages.

I can’t say that I blame the guy, if someone called me a baby killer, I would be suing for defamation, too.

What do you think?

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