Casper Smart Gets Along Well With Jennifer Lopez’s Mother

Casper Smart Gets Along Well With Jennifer Lopez's Mother

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart haven’t been dating long, but they have already gotten serious enough for him to meet her mother and sister. Even better – Casper and J-Lo’s mom Guadalupe are getting along famously! So much, in fact, that a source said that “Casper’s last name really describes him well!”

It certainly does, considering that he’s managed to latch onto a 42-year-old cougar with more money than God. Jennifer’s mother wasn’t exactly a fan of her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, so Casper is definitely taking notes there.

A snitch said, “Guadalupe was not displeased, perhaps was even happy, when Jennifer and Marc divorced.”

Apparently Guadalupe didn’t have a problem when Jennifer dated Ben Affleck, because they hit up the gambling spots in Las Vegas together. Jennifer’s sister Lynda also has nothing but good words about Casper, thinking that he’s a “very charming and engaging guy.”

I’m sure he’s as charming as possible, but we aren’t exactly buying the “engaging” part. How engaging can one really be at the age of 24? Do you think their relationship is going to last? Or is this just a rebound fling after her marriage to Marc went south?

Are they a cute couple?

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