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Casper Smart Wants More Of Jennifer Lopez’s Money

Casper Smart Wants More Of Jennifer Lopez's Money

It’s been said that Jennifer Lopez’s boy toy Casper Smart receives a tidy sum of $10,000 per week to maintain his arm candy status with the American Idol judge. Now, rumor has it that Casper has gotten comfortable with being a kept man and asked her to up his allowance! Now that takes guts, doesn’t it?

Tell us again why she left Marc Anthony for this guy?!?

He must have some really awesome moves on the dance floor in the sack because he wants the money that he’s getting from her to be quadrupled! So he wants $40,000 per week! WTF?!?

A source revealed, “Now that their relationship is so serious, Casper says there’s far greater pressure to look and act the part. She is totally blind to his scheming and likes the fact that he’s so dependent on her.”

She obviously puts up with it, so who cares?

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