Castle First Look Video: The First 10 Minutes Of ‘Once Upon A Crime’

Castle First Look Video: The First 10 Minutes Of 'Once Upon A Crime'

As you may already know, tonight’s episode of Castle is titled Once Upon A Crime. We’ve gotten our hands on the first ten minutes of tonight’s show, so we wanted to share that with our fellow Castle fans!

Mini-recap (for those without video access or at work):

The show opens with Little Red Riding Hood running through Central Park. She trips and falls and becomes prey for whoever killed her. Just then, the show cuts to Martha dictating a play to Marcus in Rick’s office. She’s exaggerating the details of Rick’s birth, among other things. Rick comes in telling them that she’s wildly exaggerating the details. He says that he usually he writes there and he wants them to vacate the area so that he can write some more.

Cut to the crime scene where Rick is telling Kate that he feels his whole life is being invaded. Lanie is already inspecting the body of Little Red Riding Hood, who they learn is actually named Amy Morgan. Kate asks why she was wearing the Red costume, to which Rick offers that she might’ve been on her way to grandma’s house.

Rick and Kate talk to the victim’s sister Leslie, who questions if Amy was attacked by a wild animal. Leslie and her boyfriend tell Kate and Rick that she works a ton of hours as a lawyer for Samson Briggs. Amy is single, lives alone and has a penchant for a fashionable wardrobe. So the killer must have brought the costume — because it didn’t belong to her. Leslie said that she usually spoke to her sister daily, but hadn’t heard from her all week.

Later, Rick brings Kate coffee and speculates that she was a part of some costume wearing subculture — in order to let off steam from her busy job. He says that there are people who get all dressed up and act out the parts of a fairytale and perhaps that’s what Amy was up to when things went tragically wrong. Kate calls that a surprisingly reasonable and grounded theory.

Javier comes in and tells the duo that Amy withdrew $50,605.00 from her savings in cash four days ago. What’s worse is that he didn’t find the money in her apartment and can’t tie it to any purchases. Javier leaves to check with Amy’s bank about the money and Kate gets a message from Lanie.

Lanie has found a wolf’s hair in a wound on Amy’s body. Lanie informs them that the marks on Amy’s body were made by only one claw. The killer wanted them to think it was a wolf that killed her to throw them off. Lanie tells them that she found two fresh needle marks on the victim’s back. The victim wasn’t sexually assaulted, but toxicology reports turned up Ketamine and Oxycodone in her system. Lanie says that the killer sedated the victim with the Ketamine, dressed her in the costume and when the Ketamine wore off, he caught her and dosed her with the Oxycodone. They feel that the killer was someone Amy knew and trusted.

Kevin tells the duo that the victim’s co-workers said that Amy wasn’t herself lately. She was acting agitated and even missed a mandatory meeting last Friday. Kate tells him to check into her emails to see what was going on, since that was the same time she quit calling her sister.

Just then, they get interrupted by Javier, who tells Kate that there’s something she needs to see. The show cuts to Rick and Kate approaching another victim. This one is dressed up like Snow White — and she has an apple in her hands!


Stay tuned for our recap to find out what happens next!

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