Castle Recap: Episode 19 – ’47 Seconds’ 3/26/12

Castle Recap: '47 Seconds' 3/26/12

All that Rick knows about his love for Kate is about to come crashing down on him as he learns that Kate LIED! Tonight is an all new episode of the ABC hit drama Castle, titled, 47 Seconds. In case you’ve missed last week’s episode of the show, you can read our full recap here.

At the end of the third season, Kate gets shot and Rick confesses to her that he loves her. In the fourth season’s premiere episode, she tells him that she doesn’t remember anything about the shooting. To him that means that she did not hear his profession of love for her.

Tonight, in capturing a suspected bomber, Kate grills the guy in the interrogation room. Little does she know, but Rick is listening in. The suspected bomber claims he doesn’t know why he left the bomb there. She tells him that he doesn’t get to use that as an excuse — because she was shot in the chest and she remembers every last second.

Will Rick be so upset with her remembering and then lying to him about it? Or will he realize that she just wasn’t ready for a relationship with him just yet? Or — she could always try and take the easy way out and say that she was only pushing the witness by any means necessary.

All of our questions and more will be answered when Castle airs on ABC tonight at 10PM EST! Stay tuned for our live recap of the show!


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